I was checking my Facebook earlier today, and very good friend of mine had posted the first of 24 postings of Thankfulness. 


I asked her if she minded if I stole the idea for our website.  What a great state of mind to be in...a state of Thanksgiving, and as that Holiday approaches, I'd like to dwell on what I have, than on what I don't.  So, for my very first day, I am thankful for Dr. Wonderful!  (AKA Dr. Wayne Johnson)  I have suffered with a bad knee for years, and my last Doctor told me that he had done all that he could do, that I needed a total knee replacement.  I got a second opinion from Dr. Johnson, and he told me that he could scope my knee and repair some tears and clean out some arthritis and give me several more years before a replacement.  After all, I am still young (his words, not mine!).  Well the surgery took place last November, and I am so thankful that I found another Doctor!  My last check-up found no further damage, and I am getting around much better than I have in some time.  Thank you Dr. Johnson!