Thirty-five years ago today, two of the most popular family sit-coms premiered on television.  Eight is Enough, starring Dick Van Patton, tells the tale of a family man with eight, yes, eight children!  The show ran for 5 seasons with virtually little change in cast.

Also, making it's debut today, Three's Company, starring John Ritter as a man pretending to be gay so that he can share an apartment with two women.  Suzanne Sommers and Joyce DeWitt played the roommates.


The Morning Crew, Frank & Jeri chose some of the  theme songs from popular 70's shows and they brought back so many memories of a friendlier, funnier kind of television show.  No reality folks, just good clean fun.  That got us thinking.  Do you have a favorite 70's television show?  Take our poll and let us know "Which 70's television is your favorite?"