Celebration of Freedom 2011 invites you to celebrate the third anniversary of the opening of the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum in Hobart, Oklahoma.

Lots of activities are scheduled throughout the weekend.  From 9am Friday until 4pm on Monday!  For a complete list of activities visit the website Celebration Of Freedom.net

If you are active duty military or retired military and have your credentials, you and your family will get into the concert Sunday night for FREE!

I had an opportunity to speak with General Tommy Franks and also the new Director of the Museum and Leadership Institute Warren Martin.   General Franks tells us why it is so important to him to continue to educate our youth on how to disagree without being disagreeable and what inspired him to start The Celebration of Freedom and the Museum and Leadership Institute.   You can hear the interview here:

This year Aaron Tippin will be headlining the Celebration of Freedom Concert at the Hobart Football Complex.    I had an opportunity to speak with Aaron Tippin about his upcoming visit to Hobart, his new record label Nippit, his new album "Overdrive" which he calls his salute to the American trucker and his winery.  Here is my interview with Aaron.

"Where The Stars and Stripes & The Eagle Fly"