Lawton's Largest Garage Sale is going on right now at the Comanche County Fairgrounds in Lawton, OK. We have been walking around the packed with vendors auditorium amazed by the awesome stuff people are selling! If you are out and about stop by the garage sale and find yourself some one-of-a-kind finds, we did! Check out 5 items we love at the garage sale you can get for $10 bucks or less!

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    Barbie Dresses

    A lady is selling evening dresses for Barbies. They are all handmade and are only $1.00!

    Sasha Spielman
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    These colorful prints can be yours for only $10 and you can hang them in any room! They have vintage and modern look to them. We absolutely love them.

    Sasha Spielman
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    Action Figure

    As we were walking around checking out all the cool stuff at our garage sale we found a table with nothing but Action Figures from the 50's and 60's. How awesome is that? You can get an action figure in it's original box for just $8- can't beat that price even if you looked for it on Ebay.

    Sasha Spielman
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    Vintage Bottles

    We've seen TV shows where people make lamps out of bottles, so we were super excited to find a vendor who was selling nothing but bottles that came in all different shapes and color. And at $0.75 a bottle we got more than we need it. I guess for the rest of the summer we will be making lamps out of bottles and we are sure to blog about it!

    Sasha Spielman
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    Old Board Games

    Nothing says 'perfect Sunday evening' with the fam like a night spend playing board games. But instead of breaking the bank and spending lots of money on games from the store you can get vintage board games from our garage sale. They are only $2.50!

    Sasha Spielman