Even though the economy is slow and fewer companies are hiring these day – we think these 5 jobs have secure financial future and also come with awesome perks!

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    Tattoo Artist – we think a tattoo artist will always have a job because people love to get inked now more than ever. Also if you are a tattoo artist you get to ink yourself for free. Some of the perks - you get to hear all the town gossip – admit it – tattoo artists are the new hairstylists of our days! We share everything with you!

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    Family Photographer – no matter how bad the economy gets high school seniors need their graduation pictures taken! And what about all the weddings that are happening too – which leads us to one of  the awesome perks of this job – free food! Who needs a paycheck when you get fed with delicious wedding party food?

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    Teachers – why, you might ask…well lets face it our kids have to be educated somehow and someone has to educate them – that's why we think teachers will always have a secure job. But what's the perk? You get 3 months of paid vacation – come on now that's pretty rad!

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    Salesperson – we agree that generally sales people don't get paid that much! But wait till you find out some of the cool perks they get! For example, you get flexible work hours, you get to try on new items (clothes, make – up, jewelry), meet new people every day, and most importantly discounts. We are so jealous right about now! You get 20, 30, some times even 50% discount – that's just not fair. That's why we think sales people's jobs are awesome!

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    Hairstylist – that's a no brainier! No matter what's going on in the world we always have time to get our hair done. Always! Whether is for special occasions, first dates, second dates, third dates (you get our point) our hair must be colored, pinned, cut, hair sprayed! And we need hairstylists to do it for us.

    All the salons in Lawton are completely booked for two weeks in advance! (true story that one, but will leave it for another post). And the perks? Hairstylists seem always to have the best hair in town – you get to experiment with different products, and mainly listen to all the drama your clients are going through.