Seven months from now a little suburb in Minn. will add to its population 7 new babies from 7 different moms. How is this possible?

It’s seems to us that something is brewing in that water – the 7 women who all live next door to each other discovered that they were pregnant between January and June. Did they have a secret pact and they didn’t tell their husbands? – If they did no one is admitting to it. Instead the moms-to-be are over-the-moon (as they should be) and excited that their babies would grow up playing together.

‘My reaction to the baby boom was excitement for my baby's childhood,’ said Nikki Krauth to ABC News ‘He (her baby) is going to have a lot of very close friends having known him since birth.’

And it seems all the ladies are sharing the same enthusiastic feeling about the strange happy twist of fate.

And even though we can’t prove that something is off with their water, even one of the moms thinks this is more than just a happy coincidence.

"I have been wanting a baby for almost three years and had decided it wasn't going to happen when, suddenly, I discovered I was pregnant," Peterson said. "So maybe there is something with the science or the water."