This man is a hero to us and to many others who have seen the shocking video of Keyla McCree, 7-years-old, who fell from her apartment window.

Steven St. Bernard, a bus driver and a father of four, who lives in the same apartment building as McCree saw his little neighbor dancing on the AC unit! McCree suddenly slipped, but luckily for her and her family Bernard acted quickly and caught the girl just in time before it was too late.

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McCree is autistic and it appeared she had managed to climb up her AC unit while her mom was in the next room. After police investigation was conducted, the authorities concluded that this was an unfortunate event.

‘It feels good now to know that I did something,’ said St. Bernard to ABC News.

McCree is resting at a local hospital with a few minor scratches as to Beranrd he said that he doesn’t feel like a hero but that he simply was at the right place at the right time!

And even though Bernard thinks he is not a hero, to this poor family and to us he remains one!

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