You can't always blame people for not knowing the story behind incidents that happened before they were born, but there are somethings that history should teach us, no matter how old you are.

I was born in 1963, but I know about the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Lincoln Assasination. I doubt I would ever use clips of those incidents on a website to promote a happy July 4th. But the social media experts at American Apparel did just that as they chose to use clips of the Challenger Space Shuttle tragedy to wish everyone a happy Independence Day.

The Los Angeles based clothing manufacture quickly pulled the images from its Tumblr account, stating that the social media employee in question was born after the Challenger explosion occurred and was unaware of the event and claimed it was an "honest mistake." American Apparel went on to apologize for the "insensitivity of that selection" and further stated that the post had been deleted. It is unclear if the image was mistaken for fireworks or clouds.

While American Apparel did remove the "insensitive" post, it wasn't before the embarrassing mistake was captured by many angry readers. Many were angered as much by the "lame" apology as they were by the original post.