It's true, Friday, April 20th is Look Alike Day so what better way to celebrate then to take some of our staff and find their look a-likes.I have always been told I look like my Mother.

Jeri Anderson from the Morning Crew said she looks liker her Mom.

Jeri thinks that Frank looks like Joe Nichols.  HA!

Lissi from Sales thinks she looks like her Grandmother.

Our Business Manager Michelle looks just like her Mom.

Our General Manager Kim Dodds said she looks like her Mother.

Then our look alike contest went a little haywire.

Shotgun Steve Kelly thinks he looks like Howie Mandell.

Our front desk gal Taryn thinks she looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar.

We even had a few listeners email their look alikes in....

Paige Stover said she thinks she looks like her Momma

Dustin Crank said he and his son look alike.  These photos gave me chill bumps.

And then Muriel Fahrion sent me and email and said "Some drunk in a bar once said I looked like Elton John. I brushed it off. It wasn't until today I looked to see if he might be right!"

How about you?  Do you have a look alike out there?  A "doppelganger"?  Send us your look alike photos.

Here are some more pictures from our listeners.  Kelly Harris says he has been accused of looking like Popeye!  "I yam what I yam...."  We agree.

Continue to send in those pictures!