Are the days of paper checks numbered? According to several news reports it seems that to be the case. For example, a new pilot program in Georgia is mailing debit cards to people instead of tax checks in attempt to phase-out paper checks.

The U.S. Federal Reserve also published statics showing the use of paper checks was down by 12% - the lowest is has ever been.

I tried to convince my husband that the paper check will be obsolete soon and he will argue with you until the sun goes down.  I probably write 2 checks per month.  One to my dry cleaner, (they don't take debit or credit cards and I rarely, if ever, carry cash) the other to the occasional grade school or club fundraiser for assorted cookies, candles, plants, etc.  Other than that I pay either online or with my debit card.

David argues that you have a record of the payment if you pay with check.  I argue that banks don't send your cancelled checks back anymore, they are online if you need them.

He says it's more secure to write a check then it is to pay online. My rebuttal to that is when you pay for something online you have a better incentive to check your bank account more frequently.

If I had to physically sit down and pay bills every month I would never get it done.  I would have past due bills everywhere. The only bill I don't have on automatic payments, only because they don't offer it yet, is my internet service provider.  Yeah, go figure!  Everything else comes out automatically.

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