The weather has been absolutely crazy this year!  I was chatting with family members in Minnesota today and they are having a huge winter snow storm.  Schools are closed and the power is out.  Our winter this year has been mild compared to the last couple of years, don't you think?

What would you do right now if we were hit with another major ice storm or a tornado?  Are you ready to be without power for 14 days again?  Did the ice storm 2 years ago teach us anything?  I started thinking about whether David and I were ready for the storm season and, sadly, I have to admit, no.

Oklahoma Homeland Security has put together a very informative website.  Under the tab "Are you ready?", they ask some very pointed questions.  "Have you considered how a disaster might affect your individual needs?" It challenges your knowledge on disaster preparedness and helps you put a plan together. You will also find helpful tips and ideas on how to put a plan together.

Oklahoma Homeland Security and Jim Glover Chevrolet along with KLAW 101, teamed up to help you get "Red Dirt Ready" and we are going to be giving away the 5 generators on Thursday evening, March 1st at 7:30pm.  You can register to win one of these 6,000 watt, 13 hp generators until 7:30pm on Thursday but you must be present to win.  We will be out there broadcasting live and will have lots of giveaways to hand out.  Join us and find out more about "Red Dirt Ready", Jim Glover Chevrolet and Oklahoma Homeland Security.

Here are the official rules.

Are you "Red Dirt Ready"?