It was a night of sophistication and exclusivity as Austin’s Elite came out to celebrate the world premiere of Style Queens: A limited series presenting the world’s most famous style icons.I had the privilege of attending this Austin Fashion Week, invite-only premiere to view the first installment of the series which recounted, in abundant detail, the evolution of Taylor Swift as a portrait of style, personified.

The film chronicled the early fashion beginnings of Taylor Swift as a young country starlet, dressed, as she herself put it, “Always in cowboy boots and sundresses.” The film then effortlessly managed to capture the metamorphosis of Taylor into her present-day persona; a statuesque pop superstar, with 'legs for days', fierce enough to strut any catwalk alongside her It-Girl, Swift-Squad besties.

Style Queens included interviews from some of the most prominent people in the business, not only in the various aspects of the Austin fashion scene, but in their respective genres period. Their exposés allowed me access to a world all things Taylor. It was through their expertise that I was privy to Swift’s love of fierce fashion; from high-end hard-to-gets, as well as key pieces that are affordable must-haves for her many fans. Even more surprising was the discovery of the love and adoration she holds for her two furry felines, Olivia and Meredith. With the keen knowledge displayed by all of the Style Queens contributors, who are quite frankly, trendsetters in their own right; I got the impression that, for Taylor, fashion is not just about designer bags, red bottoms and custom couture; no, for is life. The sexiest cat-lady you’ll ever know.

Gregg Cestaro, FXA


In order to attend this affair, I drove six hours to Austin, TX, with my teenage daughter in-tow, only to turn around and drive back home as soon as it was over so that I’d be in time for work the next day. Okay, okay…yes, I’ll admit I just wanted to be amongst the way out of my league cool kids, as well as the uber-fabulous radio personalities, style experts and social media influencers in attendance. You see, this dance wasn’t for everybody…only the sexy people. Crazy? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.


Rick Kern, Getty

 To be completely honest, the fabulosity was only part of the necessity. Most importantly, it was a must I be present at this event to support two women who have changed my life tremendously and to whom I am eternally grateful. Marie-Ginette Baillargeon (aka Dr. B), my former French Professor and mentor at Cameron University, and Tara Pirnia, Director/Executive Producer of Style Queens and my current mentor at Future Sight Entertainment.

The Marco A. Baillargeon Scholarship Foundation

Marco Baillargeon, Marco's Fund

In addition to this event being all about The Beautiful Ones, it was also given in honor of former UT student, Marco Baillargeon; Dr. B’s son and a close friend of Tara’s, whose life was unexpectedly cut short in an accident many years ago.

Gregg Cestaro, FXA

The Style Queens World Premiere paid tribute to him by partnering with The Marco A. Baillargeon Scholarship Foundation which “assists first and second-generation immigrants with the guidance and support they need while on their path to becoming successful leaders.” 

Kicking off the first night of what has been an incredible exhibition of some of the best talent that Austin Fashion Week has to offer, this event was a who’s-who night of film, philanthropy, delicious food and fashion-forward locals, some chic, some modern, but all with a sense of humor allowing them to take some really fun pics at the Flicker Photo Booth to celebrate the night.

Although the night was about our insatiable desire to explore the style transformation of a celebrity icon; Most importantly, we all came to celebrate the life of and pay homage to a remarkable young man who, although his own life was inexplicably cut short, his influence on the lives of those who loved him most will long live on through the contributions of the scholarship fund created in his name.

Todd White, FXA

Shout out to all the fabulous people who attended that night. “The Beautiful Ones,” some I had the pleasure of meeting, some I fan-girled from afar: Cheryl Bemis, Videographer/Fashion Reporter; Holly Mills-Garner, TV Personality/Host; Heather Campbell-Green, Style Expert/Social Media Influencer; Ricky Hodge, Celebrity Hair Stylist; Anne Hudson, Radio and Television Personality; Christian Ramirez, Style Expert/TV Personality; Steve Frank, Scottish Fold Cat Breeder; and Dr. Audrey Wystrach, Veterinarian.

The World Premiere of Style Queens was made possible with support from: Fashion X Austin’s Austin Fashion Week, Content Entertainment, Future Sight Entertainment, STAX Entertainment, POM PR, Fashionably Austin, Dripping Springs Vodka, Sway Water, High Brew Coffee, Kind Bar, Twin Liquors; and a very special thanks to Ximena's Latin Flavors for the mouthwatering selection of hors d'oeuvres (FYI, that avocado dip was slammin!); and the event venue, 800 Congress, for providing the perfect locale, accompanied with the chic ambiance necessary for this prestigious affair.

Greg Cestaro, FXA

Wonderful job to all who were involved. It was an honor to be in the presence of so much Austin Fashion Week #Slay.

Be sure to look out for Style Queens when it airs on AMC.