And you thought the only Coffee Shop in Lawton was Starbucks?  Well, check these out!

The Top Five Coffee Places In Lawton

(but in no particular order)

Oh, sorry, back to coffee!

Big Chef Restaurant - 130 SE Lee Boulevard

This is your classic "greasy spoon" but has the best brewed coffee.  It HAS to be good because all the truck drivers go there and everyone knows that wherever there are semi's the food is bound to be good and the coffee even better.  This is one of the only places in Lawton that stays open after midnight, so if you are out late this is a great place to get breakfast and a hot cup of coffee before you go home from a night of partying.  Classic diner setting.

This is a local favorite hang out!  I love their melt in your mouth biscuits with a little butter and honey but you can order them with homemade sausage gravy.  Great brewed coffee, great local hangout and you never know when someone "famous" might show up.  (Is that Santa?)

Critter's Home Brew - Sorry, not available in stores

Critter (Z94's Rock Jock, Program Director, Promotions Go To Guy and anything else we can make him do)  is the coffee hound around the stations so I asked him where his favorite coffee shop was in Lawton.  His response "my house".  This is what he told me;

"In my honest, humble non-biased opinion, the best cup of coffee in Lawton is at my house!  I keep on hand at all times Cafe Du Monde from New Orleans.  it's the greatest coffee in the world, even better with beignets.  If you can't make it to NOLA the next best thing is a fresh brewed pot of their coffee at home.  Start with 3 heaping scoops of coffee and add 1 heaping scoop of chicory.  Straight black is the way to go, but you can add milk, sugar or some other various coffee condiments.  For even more flavor hit it with some cayenne or crushed red pepper in the grounds right before you brew it.  That's the way Mom used to do it, and Mom knows best!  If you want more than just coffee and would like to experience this orgasmic taste bud explosion yourself visit their website. Laissez Lex Bon Rouler!" -- Critter from Z94

Yes, Critter has a way with words.  And when he brews his special blend at the office you can smell it in the basement garage!

And there is also a Facebook campaign to bring back Common Grounds!  My favorite place to hang out until it closed.  I even had a latte named after me.  The David and Nancy Talk-a-latte!  It was delicious!