My assignment this week was to write about the best dog-friendly places in Lawton. 

Guess what!  There is only one!

The dog park on the west side of town.  It is at the old McMahon Soccer park on southwest Lee.  To get there, you'll turn south on a gravel road just west of McCoy's.  This dog park was a long time in coming as well.  The project was $10,000 and funded by the Humane Society.

The city didn't have the funding for it so the Humane Society and some volunteers stepped in and donated all the fencing materials and the city provided the labor.  I stopped by to take some pictures of the park and to watch the dogs having fun.  There weren't any dogs there.

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Sure, there are lots of places to take your dog but they must remain on a leash and how fun is that for the dog?
Dogs On Leash

You can take your dog to any of the parks in our community but they can't come off their leash.  You can take your dog out for a walk with you but he must remain on a leash.

You can take your dog to the pet store and they can walk freely through the store and look at all the fun stuff on the shelves!  We have 2 pet stores in town Pet Sense and Just 4 K9's & Kitty too!

I spoke with Jeff from Just 4 K9's and asked him about dog friendly places in Lawton and he said the same thing "there really aren't any".

I spoke with Gerald Catlett from the City Parks department and asked him if there were any other places to take your dog in Lawton and he said "you can take them to any of the parks but they must remain on a leash."  Good news though!  There is another dog park on the agenda for the east side -- just as soon as funding becomes available.