To say that the Highlanders (13-0) are used to playing during the Thanksgiving holiday is an understatment, making 7 Semi-Final apperances in the last 9 years. But after turnovers and a loss last year in the semi-final game this Senior class has been on a Gold Ball Mission which really started last November. Ever since then, the Highlanders have had nothing else on their minds and those brave fans who made the trip to Yukon a nuetral site with one fantasitc facility (17 million dollars to be exact) were not dissapointed as the Highlanders under adverse weather conditions IE: cold north wind at 25-35 miles an hour, dominated on both sides of the ball from start to finish forcing Ardmore to consecutive 3 and outs and down 15-0 quickly in the 1st quarter and vertually shutting out a very confident Ardmore team and keeping them out of the end zone....End result 56-2.....

And now the State Championship Game for the first time in 5 years for Big Mac, the last was in 2006 taking runner-up from Carl Albert. This weeks game will be played on Friday in Stillwater at Boone Pickens Stadium on the eve of the Bedlam game between OU and OSU at 11:00am that is not a typo a 11:00 am start where the Highlanders will be taking on the Guthrie Blue Jays (13-0). Its the number one and two ranked teams and both unbeaten in the state to do battle, after Guthrie defeated McAllister 28-25.

Our beloved Highlanders are the visiting team this week and will be opposite the press-box. We will need full Highlander support since Guthrie is only 30 minutes away many of us Lawtonians are encouraged to take the trip North to support BIG MAC to a State Finals Championship the first in school history.

We will be broadcasting live (Eric, Steve, Mitch) starting at 10:30 am and kickoff at 11. We will see you there or on the radio!!!! Hoka Hey and check back this week for more updates.