When Billy Ray Cyrus hit the airwaves with his hit single 'Achy Breaky Heart' in 1992 no one guessed a sequel would have been made 22 years later. SURPRISE!

This music video has everything nobody asked for; country and hip-hop coming together, girls galore twerking (yes, the dancing thing that his daughter Miley did on the MTV Awards), and of course Billy Ray trying to look like a bad boy rockstar.

Why do all these rap and hip-hop artists think that mixing country tunes and beats is a good idea. It's not. These genres are on opposite ends of the music spectrum and never should they come together. EVER!

As JW from the Morning Crew said earlier today "All that's missing is Miley with a wrecking ball."

Now excuse us as we now attempt to disinfect and sterilize our infected ears that was caused by this horrendous abomination of a song.

Warning: The video is slightly NSFW due to the half naked women prancing around in nothing but electrical tape.