I just got back from the 2nd Annual Lego Build with The Comanche County Fairgrounds in collaboration with Lawton Public Schools, with this year's theme "Build a Creative World". Three age groups have 30 minutes each to create something special from a box of random legos for prizes.  Sounds like fun, but some of the contestants in the 6-9 age group that I talked to, took their work very seriously.  Adam Harness, age 8, created a wonderful airplane at home and brought it in for the new Open Division this year.  And Sisters, Kelsey and Kathleen Huffmaster sat together so they could consult with each other.  And attending his first Lego Build, Little Drew Holland, 7, had little brother and sister to cheer him on.

Still time for the Open Division and age group 14 and Up to make your way to The Great Plaines Coliseum Annex building to participate.  Oh, and did I tell you it's FREE!  Get Creative and Build a Better World!