This week is National Karaoke Week and I found a great list of the Ten Most Performed Karaoke tunes. I was not surprise that most the songs on the list are Country music favorite.

I am a singer! Well, only in my bathroom, or in the car, or if Frank Seres is really unlucky, in the control room of KLAW 101. I have to admit, I really, really want to sing well. I did actually sing twice at church, and no one walked out, but it was church, and they usually forgive members short-comings!

In celebration of Karaoke week take our poll and vote for the best karaoke song!

If you'd like to try your 'Mad Karaoke Skills' right here in Lawton, we've found some great places to begin. Tuesday night, you will find Karaoke at Helen's Club with the Karaoke Dude, as well as Sunday night at The Railhead Saloon. Other clubs with Karaoke, Chungs, Tiffanys, The Zoo, and Hoffmans.

Where do you Karaoke?