Soldiers and the Lawton Fort Sill Community have an opportunity to meet with national and local employers today at the Red River Career Expo.  The expo will be held from 12:30 to 4pm in the Aggie Rec Center at Cameron University.

It's an annual joint event with the Army Career and Alumni Program and Cameron.

This is just one of the topics on today's Ft. Sill Update with MG Mark McDonald.

Other points include:

  • Basic Combat Training Graduation tomorrow at McMahon for Charlie 1/31 FA
  • Monthly Sunday Brunch at the Patriot's Club, $12.95 for adults and $5.95 for kids
  • The "United for One Tour" Gospel and Christian Concert, Tuesday at the Sheridan Theater, 7pm.
  • Reminder that using cell phones on Fort Sill while driving is prohibited, and you may be ticketed.  Hands free devices are accepted
  • Vietnam Veterans Commemoration Welcome Home Ceremony - Plans are underway to honor those that served in Vietnam.  Dates will be March 29 and 30 with a full weekend of events.  More information will be available as the dates get closer.

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