It's Thursday, and once again, another of Nashville's unsigned or indy label artist comes into focus as our Catch of the Day. Today we feature an artist attended Middle Tennessee State University on an Opera scholarship, but his heart never strayed far from country music as he continued to play the honky-tonks of Nashville while studying Rigoletto and Falstaff.

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Keith Walker is a self proclaimed Air Force Brat, born in Alexandria, LA who grew up in El Segundo, CA in the shadow of the runways of Los Angeles International Airport. Country music always resonated with Keith, but it wasn't until he watched his older brother deal with the ordeal of his high school girlfriend's coma, and the Tim McGraw song "Don't Take The Girl", that the pieces really started to come together for Walker. After that, the radio never left the local country station and Walker knew where his path was intended to head.

His voice got him a scholarship to Middle Tennessee State, where during the day he studied opera, but at night he would drag his guitar downtown to Nashville, writing and playing shows, honing his skills, with each passing show and each song fueling the

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passion he had for country music. After a roll-over accident on a California freeway where only Keith and his guitar survived, the singer decided it was time to take his music seriously and made the move to Nashville full time. The hard work he had put in paid off, developing a unique blend of honesty and emotion that pours out in each song.

In 2015, Walker released the EP Chaser, and his debut single, "Honky-tonk Shake", with the single make leads on the MusicRow Chart, landing in that independent top30. He also released the single "Me Too" from the EP, which was featured in October of last year as a Catch of the Day, that single too reached the

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MusicRow chart.

Walker has recently released his third EP, Miles From You, and we have the lead single from the project in our spotlight today. Brought to you by All American Super Car Wash of Lawton, Keith Walker and "Firewater" is today's Unsigned/Indy Artist Thursday Catch of the Day, new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.

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