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Today's artist was born and raised in Maryland, made the move to New York City at age 18 to discover her performance side, and then discovered her country side when she moved to South Carolina a few years later. And while her style is country, within her songs you can hear a lot of the different styles that she immersed herself in before finding her true path.

Morgan Riley new early on she was going to be a singer; it was a talent she inherited from her grandmother. She began performing at age 5, when she sang at a local wedding. By age 15 she was in a recording studio and at 18, she built the courage and the faith in her abilities to move to New York City and give her music a chance. What she found in New York was a world of music she couldn't even had imagined. She performed regularly with an R&B group, recorded at the legendary Hit Factory and performed in crowds she could have never imagined. But something was still missing, a piece from her jigsaw puzzle was yet to be discovered.

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In hopes of finding that missing piece, Riley moved to Greenville, South Carolina to work on country music, the one style she couldn't find in NYC. When times got tough, Morgan fell back on her family for support and inspiration, and slowly, the final piece began to fall into place. Riley auditioned for the Pride of the Carolinas, a project that featured unsigned artists from the Carolinas, and beat out more than 4,300 other hopefuls to be on the project.

Her track on the project caught the attention of producer Chris Clay, who began working with Riley on a project which would eventually become her debut album Affinity. The album met with limited success, but did receive some critical acclaim, and found its way to Frank Green, who met with Riley to talk about her future. Knowing she had more country in her than

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the debut album revealed, the singer played Green some of her originals. Green liked what he heard and quickly signed her to his indy label Skytone Entertainment. Green began a writing partnership with the young singer for her upcoming EP, which he is producing.

Brought to you by All American Super Car Wash of Lawton, we have the lead single from that EP in our spotlight today. Morgan Riley, with another new comer, Trenton Ellis and "Great Minds Drink Alike" is today's Catch of the Day, new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.

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