Operation Santa Claus Underway at Jim Glover Chevrolet
The thoughts of Christmas Morning and seeing all of the presents left by Santa still run in my memory. I remember my very first bike. It was Red and of course it had training wheels and a banana seat.
Now fast forward to 2013. We are here at Jim Glover Chevrolet at 82nd and Cache Road as a part of Op…
WestJet Surprises Passengers With Christmas Gifts They Want
Airports are perhaps the least jolly of places during the holiday season, generally filled with disgruntled people facing delays and other mishaps. But, thanks to WestJet, an airplane full of weary travelers were treated to a Christmas miracle that turned an airport into Santa's workshop.
Christmas Trees, Which do you prefer Real or Fake? [POLL]
I remember as a child living in a small two bedroom country home, just on the Oklahoma/Missouri line outside of Seneca, Missouri.   That wonderful smell of the tree that dad and I went out into the woods and cut down for Christmas, granted it was just a common cedar tree, but it gave a great se…
Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Christmas Lights?
The Title says it all, Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Christmas Lights?  My wife is one who would love to have every tree, fence, eve, post, and window filled with decorative Christmas lights. But is there really the chance of having too many?
Where to Buy Christmas Trees in Lawton
If you are looking for a good place to buy a real Christmas tree in Lawton this year, here are several options around southwest Oklahoma to best serve your Christmas tree buying needs this season!.

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