Winter Craft Items From Pinterest
Since the weather on Sunday was so cold I sat in my sock monkey jammies all day and browsed Pinterest. I found some really fun craft items and would like to share them with you.
Ten Most Popular Christmas Toys Since 1950
Kids today might think they have great options to choose from when it comes to Christmas presents. But any adult knows that the Christmas presents we got as kids were way cooler. And according to this list, we're right.
Central Mall Kicks Off Texts For Trees
Central Mall has launched their holiday annual Texts For Trees promotion. Rather than fight the holiday crowd at the mall; we'll provide you the options to allow you to vote for your favorite tree in the comfort of your own home.
Text For Trees non-profit organizations decorate a tree for mall g…
Is Black Friday The Best Day to Shop?
I am not a fan of stores being open on Thanksgiving Day and I am sure the heck not going to go out on the Friday after Thanksgiving to do any shopping. I leave that to the crazy bargain hunters. (Personally, I value my life!) Black Friday may be the busiest day to shop during the holiday season, but…

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