Aurora Shooter in Custody + His Identity Released [UPDATES]
The town of Aurora, CO, is planning prayer vigils for tonight.
We now have an audio clip from the police scanner from the Aurora shooting. Listen here!
The Aurora police and the FBI released an updated number of the victims  - 12 dead and 71 wounded.
BREAKING NEWS: First Photo of James Holmes n…
82-Year-Old Granny Chases Down Purse Snatcher
Sylvia Miller of Ohio may be 82-years-old, but that doesn’t mean she’s an easy mark for thieves. Last Wednesday, the spry octogenarian actually chased down a criminal who had snatched her purse. Go, granny!
TJ Lane Named a Suspect
We have been following the Chardon High School shooting and bringing you updates. As of yesterday we have found out that three of the five victims have died, and only one has been released from the hospital. The FBI and the local law enforcement have been working the case and even had a suspect in c…

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