Is Global Warming Causing The Drought?
There have been a lot of discussions about the drought lately.  Is it global warming?  Is it a shift in the polar axis?  Not according to Chris Hill from Australia, it's as "clear as day" what is causing the drought.
There Are Crickets Everywhere! What Does It Mean?
The crickets have been absolutely crazy this year. I did some searching on the internet and according to Dr. Roger E. Gold of Texas A&M, the crickets are abundant for two reasons; “One, they have completed development and are reproducing and spreading out. Tw...
What Are the New Seven Wonders of Nature? [PHOTOS]
Votes have been cast, the results are in and the world has chosen seven new wonders of nature with some old favorites missing from the list.
On Friday, November 11, the New7Wonders organization announced the world’s choices for the new Seven Wonders of Nature to help commemorate the 1…

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