How Not To Instagram [VIDEO]
The 7th installment of the #imapreviewgirl video series. WARNING! May cause involuntary urination!
How Not To Instagram is part of Preview Magazine's #imapreviewgirl campaign that started with their September 2013 issue.
Is Your Purse Hurting Your Body
Do you have a large purse? Is it bad when you set your purse on the passenger seat in your vehicle and the "airbag on" sign lights up? OK, maybe it's not THAT heavy buy my purse is heavy. I have learned not to take my purse into my Doctor's office. She always picks it up …
Solar-Powered Ray-Bans That Can Charge Your iPhone
I have always wanted a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I just have never been able to afford a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.  Now I want them even more! A designer from India has come up with a cool, eco-friendly use for a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.
How Much Is Too Much? Skin That Is!
How Much Is Too Much?  Skin that is!
Family night at the movies, enjoying valuable time with my wife and kids until it happened.  My ten year old daughter began giggling and pointing at an individual a few places up in the line, waiting on tickets...

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