State Meal of Oklahoma: All The Recipes You Need
Each state has dozens of official 'things.'  From state birds to trees and nuts, each state claims something as their own.  Did you know the state drink in Rhode Island is coffee milk? It's milk made with coffee syrup.
What Should You Do With All The Leftover Ham
Welcome to the post-Easter Hamfest!  We LOVE leftovers, and the traditional ham sandwich really can't be improved upon.  However, there are more meals that can be made with those yummy leftovers.  In fact, we suggest you spend a few hours prepping and then you can freeze meals to…
Chefs Read One Star Yelp! Reviews
Sometimes a review can make or break a restaurant and online reviews from customers can do the same. However, some of them are so ridiculous it can be a little hard to take online reviews serious at times.
Why Do I Buy Bananas? [VIDEO]
As I wander the isles of the supermarket, I am inexplicably drawn to the produce section. Shiny red apples, plump juicy grapes, bright cheery oranges.  But do I let them reel me in?  No!  But bananas, now that is a different story.

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