Ten Things To Do at Lawton’s Farmers Markets
Shop at your local farmers market this season, and support farm families in your area and you’ll find produce in season that’s fresher than what’s in a grocery store. All the while choosing healthy food options and getting in some exercise! Lawton has two "farmer's markets" and I have info…
These Guys Host a BBQ for the Homeless [VIDEO]
Another video that will restore your faith in mankind. The guys over at GiveBackFilms recently hit the streets of Atlanta, GA. with a special mission. They held a big BBQ for the homeless at Centennial Olympic Park.
12 Things You May Not Know Are ‘Made in Oklahoma’
I believe many people in the United States don't understand Oklahoma.  They understand the cowboy history, the oil and our Native American legacy but they don't understand that Oklahoma is much, much more than that.  On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I was asked if I owned a horse, if I had a ran…
The Morning Crew Goes Do-Nuts! [PHOTO]
If the KLAW Morning Crew is good for nothing else, we are at least good at building your appetite. This morning I was wandering around Lawton looking for a donut shop, and I started wondering about donut facts (I often do that) and seeing its International Donut Week (yes, that's a REAL thing) all t…

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