Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Christmas Lights?
The Title says it all, Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Christmas Lights?  My wife is one who would love to have every tree, fence, eve, post, and window filled with decorative Christmas lights. But is there really the chance of having too many?
History Of The Candy Cane, My Favorite Holiday Candy
Each and every holiday seems to have some food, beverage, or candy associated with it. My personal favorite would be Christmas and the Candy Cane.  I can remember Christmas time as a child and the numerous unending Candy Cane Binges, in which I would have gobs of candy cane stuck to my teeth. T…
Can I Get A Redo On Christmas Past?
We've all had regrets in our lives, and every once in a while we get the chance to fix the regret.....or just like in the games we used to play as children get a redo!  Well I want a 'Redo' for Christmas past.
Drive To Stay Alive This Thanksgiving
Oklahoma roadways are expected to be busy during the Thanksgiving holiday period, and the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is urging motorists to take extra precautions to keep drivers and passengers safe.

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