Secret Santa Inspires Heroin Addict To Clean Up [VIDEO]
This time of year brings on random acts of kindness, that can be the answer to our prayers.  See what happened when this atheist and heroin addict reaches his low, praying to a God he professed to not believe in.
Thanks to CBS for this insightful story...
Too Old For Trick Or Treat? [POLL]
I've been watching posts online and seeing quite a few adults in the local shops who plan on participating in the Halloween holiday this year.  Are you over the age of eighteen and plan on dressing up this year? Long ago I quit dressing up for Halloween, but last year I had several Trick o…
The Cutest Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Pets
OK, I admit it, I am not a huge fan of dressing up my pets, but you have to admit some of the Halloween costumes that people come up with for their pets are, dare I say it? ADORABLE!  Here are some of my favorite pet costumes of all time.

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