What’s Your Favorite Holiday Movie? [POLL]
Whether its classics like A Christmas Carol with Allistair Sim, modern comedies like Elf with Will Ferrell or farces like Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase, movies are an important part of the holiday season.
Planning It: 40 Days Till Christmas Countdown
A plan is the best way to have fun -- say the nerds of the world.  I'm firmly in that camp so I have a plan this season to make the most of the holidays, eliminate the stress and manage the budget.  Thankfully, there are lots of ways to do that in Southwest Oklahoma.  So, here's my holiday bucket li…
Veterans Day Discounts and Free Meals 2015
Military Wallet updated their list of popular restaurants that are giving away free meals and amazing deals on Veterans Day, which is on Wednesday, November 11. In order for active and retired U.S. veterans to take advantage of the Veterans Day freebies, some form of military ID is required. Here ar…
Does My Plain Red Starbucks Cup Offend You?
The big breaking news today was that Starbucks released a red cup with their green logo on it. So some guy is telling his thousands of Facebook followers to state their name is “Merry Christmas” so Starbucks HAS to write it on the cup? How petty and ignorant is that?…

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