Ping Pong Trick Shots [VIDEO]
What happens when you give a group of 5 insane guys with a bunch of ping pong balls (including the worlds largest ping pong ball), a bunch of Pringles cans (including the worlds largest Pringles can), a sling shot, a guy in a panda suit, a guy dressed as Mr...
Meet Porter, The Driving Dog [VIDEO]
Just when you thought the highways were dangerous enough, filled with people texting, applying make-up and doing countless other things to distract them behind the wheel, along comes man's best friend.
Though he would make a great designated driver, because after all, the only thing he drinks is…
Well, Bless Your Heart
If you know what those four words REALLY mean, then you my friend are from the south. No one has mastered the regional colloquialism like a born and bred southerner.

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