The Monster Mash
Have you ever listened to certain country songs and wondered if there was a "formula" to writing a country hit? Kind of a "bro-country" template? Yeah, me too.
Cat Learns to Channel It’s Inner Dog [VIDEO]
You can learn a lot from a dog. No other animal works and plays as hard, or loves as completely as a dog. To dogs everything is amazing! From chasing balls, cars and fetching sticks it's all amazing. Dogs know how to live, they make the most out of everything!
One of the Best Bathroom Pranks Ever Pulled [VIDEO]
This is definitely one of the best bathroom pranks ever pulled! This guy takes it to a whole new level when he pranks his girlfriend as she steps out of the shower and dries off. I have to say she's a pretty good sport about the whole thing. I'd be a dead man if I tried this! I can't …

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