Did Sixteen Years Really Pass by Already?
Congratulations!  It's a girl!  Three simple words parents love to hear. Then within a few days, it all sinks in. Will I be a good parent? How will we afford college? Is that sniffle serious? Many questions roll through your head as time starts to pass by.
Who is Your Favorite Animated Red Head? [Poll]
Watching cartoons with my granddaughter this weekend always make me admire the animated heroine's from the movies.
I am drawn to the red head for some reason.  Maybe it's because of their fiery temperament, or strength.  I am not sure, but I do know that I prefer them over blondes…
Baby Plays With Dachshund in The Bathtub [VIDEO]
There is nothing better than a babies laugh to make you giggle. Watch as this baby laughs and plays with a dachshund puppy. Try to not giggle. My mini-dachshund named 'Tooter' loves to take a bath. If it were her in the video she would have already been in the bathtub...

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