Secrets for Stress-Free Homemade Family Dinners
Preparing an involved family dinner may not sound like the most appealing idea at the end of a long day. But homemade food is usually healthier, more economical, and certainly more delicious than ordering takeout dinners.
“The best way to ensure you’re feeding your family wholesome meals is to make i…
10 Surprising Uses for Toothpaste
When you’re brushing your teeth, it can be almost impossible to contain the toothpaste only to your brush. Somehow it ends up on the mirror, in the sink, maybe even on your hands.
It seems like the only good place for that paste is in your mouth, but as it turns out, there are a lot of other places y…
5 Songs You Almost Never Hear Anymore [VIDEO]
I grew up listening to the radio.  Really, I did.  And to my little stereo that played actual albums.  When you are a teenage girl, you naturally gravitate to love songs and dream of being in 'Puppy Love' with Donny Osmond, or experiencing that 'Kind of a Hush' all…

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