5 Songs You Almost Never Hear Anymore [VIDEO]
I grew up listening to the radio.  Really, I did.  And to my little stereo that played actual albums.  When you are a teenage girl, you naturally gravitate to love songs and dream of being in 'Puppy Love' with Donny Osmond, or experiencing that 'Kind of a Hush' all…
What Would You Say in Your Own Obituary? [VIDEO]
Have your heard the story of Val Patterson?  He is a guy from Utah who wrote his own obituary before he died.  In it, he confessed to stealing a safe from a drive-in and that his PhD was fake.  Family and friends had no idea that Patterson was living a lie.
How Much Money do You Spend on Ringtones? [VIDEO]
I tried to add in my head how much I have spent on ringtone in the last year.  I think I came up with just around $20.  I read an article this morning that gave an unbelievable statistic about the total amount that the world spends on cellphone ringtones.
What Are the Coolest Cities in America?
The definition of “cool” is rather subjective — for some people, they just know it when they see it. But using its own criteria, Forbes combed through dozens of metropolitan areas to come up with its list of America’s coolest cities.
And the results m…

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