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Man Donates Suit To Goodwill And Loses Life Savings[VIDEO]
An elderly 80-year-old Illinois man decided to be generous this holiday season and donate some clothes to the local Goodwill in Moline, Illinois which include a suit coat the only problem is the elderly man doesn't trust banks, had kept his life savings of $13,000 sewn inside the lining of one of…
Is Your State Paying the Most for Electricity?
Turning up the dial on your thermostat in the fall and winter months is bound to add major coin to your electric bill, so you power through. Unless you live in Utah, and then you really have nothing to worry about, according to new data released this week.
Survey Shows 650,000 Bank Customers Switched to Credit Unions
While Bank of America and other major banks have now scrapped a widely-derided plan to charge customers a monthly fee for using their debit cards, a new survey shows at least 650,000 people closed their accounts with those banks in the past month and fled to more consumer-friendly credit unions.
Which US States Have the Most Millionaires?
While many in the US are feeling the pinch of the recession, others are enjoying unprecedented boom times.
So says Phoenix Marketing International, which just released its annual roundup of the states with the most millionaires and found that for the second year in a row, the overall number of millio…

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