San Francisco, Boston Among Best Cities for Trick-or-Treating
Everyone thinks their neighborhood is the best for trick-or-treating. But the folks at real estate site Zillow have actually compiled a list of the best cities for scoring some ‘tricks or treats’ this Halloween.
In creating its third annual Trick-or-Treat Index, Zillow considered factors such as medi…
Good Looking People Are More Selfish — Study
Attractive people are less likely to cooperate with others, and more likely to focus on their own interest, according to a new study
Spanish researchers had volunteers participate in “Prisoner’s Dilemma“-type games and found that those with the most symmetrical facial features generally took the sel…
The Book Of Jeri – Chapter 237
Sometimes, you can not win!  I know that bad things happen to good people, and that bad things happen to bad people.  Wouldn't it be so nice if bad things just didn't happen at all?  This is what greeted me as I came out to my car a couple of Saturday's ago.

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