Taylor Swift Shares Cat Pictures
Taylor Swift‘s new cat, Meredith, is living the good life. At only a few weeks old, her cuddly pet has been pictured catnapping through private jet rides, romping around green rooms and purring in hotel suite beds without so much as one No. 1 single or even an award nomination under her tiny b…
14 Adorable Dogs In Halloween Costumes [PICTURES]
Fork Party/Listas/Funny Pictures 24
Sure, Halloween is all about the kiddos. Opening the front door to the neighborhood wee ones (yours or someone else's) dressed in their trick-or-treating finery is a sugar rush unto itself.
So what's cuter than your four-year-old dressed as Dorothy? Your …
Dog Goes Crazy Over Hedgehog [VIDEO]
Is that a hedgehog on the floor or are you just happy to see us? This dog is so excited and/or anxious about the prickly brown pile on the floor that he’s decided to skip today’s walk and just run in place.
In reality, we think he’s probably trying to dig a hole so he can expose the hedgehog’s sof…
Meet Otis, the Skydiving Pug [VIDEO]
Will DaSilva started taking his pet pug otis skydiving when he was a mere puppy. Now, at ten years old, Otis has been on 64 jumps.
Sure, Otis looks adorable in his little doggie goggles with his little doggie cheeks flapping in the wind, but is it safe for dogs to skydive? And does Otis really enjoy …

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