Garth Brooks Considers a Career in Politics
Garth Brooks is keeping his options open for when his youngest daughter graduates in 2014. While the singer has said he won’t hit the road or record new music until then, he could be considering a different sort of career during his later years.
Herman Cain Admits to Quoting ‘Pokemon’ During Speech
Now that Herman Cain has suspended his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, he seems ready to admit that he borrowed liberally from ‘Pokemon: The Movie 2000′ during a speech (no joke). That has to be the strangest political confession of all time.
Blake Shelton Joins Free Speech Campaign
You could say that Blake Shelton is a big advocate of his First Amendment right to free speech. OK, Shelton likes to run his mouth. The ‘Honey Bee’ hitmaker is notorious for using Twitter as an outlet for his thoughts — whatever they may be — which has sometimes shown him backlash from angry groups …

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