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7 Things We Hate about Facebook
Usually, we love you.  Usually we love you on Facebook.  But. . .sometimes . . .we just don't need to know.  The Pew Research Center did a poll and asked people about Facebook and their FB Family.  While over 57% use Facebook -- there were seven things that most say they hat…
Dad Laughs at Children Slipping on Ice [VIDEO]
My friend Lee Weaver posted this on Facebook this morning:
There's a video going sorta-viral on facebook showing a succession of school kids slipping on a patch of ice and falling. It was shot by a parent of student at that same school while sitting in his car. You can hear him laughing each tim…
Facebook Saves Lives…of Deer [VIDEO]
Yes, it has been extremely cold in most of the country.  So, what happens when you seen deer trapped on a frozen pond?  Well, you Facebook it, of course.
Enter James who say the post on Facebook.  He called up his dad, they got the hovercraft and saved the deer, all caught on GoPro...

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