Social Media

Anonymous Woman Makes Ill-Timed Selfie
Emergency workers were all over the Brooklyn Bridge the other day, trying to talk down a suicidal man poised to jump. Media people were everywhere, doing their usual sensitive storytelling. A big chunk of the city was holding its breath, waiting to see how the life-and-death drama plays out. Perfect…
Bitstrips: The New (Annoying) Trend on Facebook
Like the girls on "Two Broke Girls" I like to keep up with things that are trending especially on Social Media.  Recently I learned what #Mamming was and now I see all these weird little cartoons on my Facebook news feed. What are these things? I learned they are called &q…
Facebook – The Musical [VIDEO]
David has accused me of being addicted to Facebook. This video somewhat describes my affliction. I currently keep track of one profile page and 11 fan pages. Is that addiction? Watch this video and see if it describes you.

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