Download This App: Walk Me Up Alarm Clock
What time does your alarm go off? How many times do you hit the snooze alarm? I usually don't have problems getting out of bed in the morning but there are all sorts of tricks to prod non-morning types to wake up, like setting a super annoying alarm or placing your phone across the room so you …
Too Many Apps; Not Enough Time
Are you suffering app overload? People download a lot of apps, but they abandon 95 percent of them, according to a new study by Nuance. Bottom line: We keep using the same apps. Facebook, YouTube, Google Play, Google Search, and Gmail were the top five apps in both 2011 and 2012.
iPhone 5 Selling for Outrageous Prices on eBay
Didn't get in on the frenzy of the new iPhone 5 release?  Apple sold over two million of its new phones in just one day.  If you don't want to wait an extra month for your new iPhone to ship, you can get one on eBay.
Would You Give Up Your Email?
What would happen if you gave up your email?  Would you lose all your friends?  Would you lose all contact with the outside world?  Nobody knows, but what we do know is you'll probably live longer.
What Are The Cheapest Days to Shop Online
I have a new addiction - online shopping!  I can sit at my computer, research something that I want and find the best and cheapest place to buy it.  So, what are the best days to shop online?

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