Why You Should Get A Divorce In 2014
While perusing my Facebook News Feed I stumbled upon a link one of my friends posted. It was a blog titled "Why I'm Getting A Divorce In 2014." At first glace, I thought it would be a heart-felt entry of a person's account on their marriage and how it crumbled with tips and advice for othe…
Anonymous Woman Makes Ill-Timed Selfie
Emergency workers were all over the Brooklyn Bridge the other day, trying to talk down a suicidal man poised to jump. Media people were everywhere, doing their usual sensitive storytelling. A big chunk of the city was holding its breath, waiting to see how the life-and-death drama plays out. Perfect…
Applebee’s to Serve Tablets at Every Table
Applebee's will officially announce today that they will be putting tablet computers on all of their tables at all of their 1,680 restaurants. By the end of the year nearly 100,000 devices will be in Applebee's restaurants. Have you ever picked up a salt shaker or ketchup bottle at a resta…
A Voice Mail That Will Have You Rolling In The Floor [VIDEO]
Have you ever left a voice mail just to wish you could take it back?  There have been numerous incidents where I have left a voice mail and regretted the message I left just after hanging up.
Some phone carriers now give you the option to listen to your message and to remove it prior to hanging,…
Solar-Powered Ray-Bans That Can Charge Your iPhone
I have always wanted a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I just have never been able to afford a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.  Now I want them even more! A designer from India has come up with a cool, eco-friendly use for a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.
London To Hold First Selfie Art Gallery
Selfies, the "do-it-yourself" photograph is now becoming a form of art and the Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair in London, will be one of the first Art Exhibits that will feature the digital photo sensation.

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