Rick Diamond/Getty Images

The unmistakable sounds of two brothers that love to sing and perform.  When Howard and David Bellamy get together, you are sure to hear great music. 

That is why this morning I am spotlighting the Bellamy Brothers.  Not only are they in the spotlight on Classic Country Saturday Morning, but later this evening, the duo will perform a concert in Lyngdaln Norway.  Less than a week after the mass shooting and bombing that killed over 70 people.
Howard says that the concert is dedicated to the people of Norway and hopes the healing process will begin soon.
This morning we will hear the great ones from the Bellamy Brothers.
  • Let Your Love Flow
  • If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?
  • Sugar Daddy (The Bellamy Brothers Song)
  • Lovers Live Longer
  • Do You Love As Good as you Look?
  • For All The Wrong Reasons
  • Redneck Girl
  • Old Hippie
  • Kids of the Baby Boom

Join me for all of these and many more classics!  Looking forward to drinking my morning coffee with you!