Today we head back into a time where four part harmony was a big part of country music.  And who better to spotlight none other than the Statler Brothers.   

The group formed back in the mid 1950's in Virginia, performing gospel music for area churches.  They billed themselves as the Four Star Quartet and later as the Kingsmen.  In 1963 another band under the same name had a huge hit with Louie Louie they decided for a name change.

While staying in a hotel a box of tissues caught the eye of one of the member and they decided that they would become the Statler Brothers. They are proud of their gospel roots and have stated that they took gospel songs and put them to country music.

In 1964 they started an eight year run fronting Johnny Cash.   This period of their career was memorialized in their song "We Got Paid by Cash."  In the 1980's they were a mainstay on the now defunct TNN and from 1991 to 1998 they had their own show each week.

They loved playing concerts in any type of venue weather it was at a small festival or on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

So we spotlight the group that has great harmony and you will enjoy these songs this morning:

  • My Only Love
  • Whatever Happened  To Randolph Scott
  • Too Much On My Heart
  • I'll Go To My Grave Loving You
  • Hello Mary Lou
  • Do You Know You Are My Sunshine
  • Do You Remember These
  • Class of '57
  • Elizabeth

Hope you will join me today and enjoy some great country harmony with the Statler Brothers.