The big rig. 18 wheeler. Trucks. They're all over the road and hauling it in and out every day of the year. Have you ever stopped and thought about the drivers? Every day on the road they are in a different city dropping off a load and picking up a new one. Just to get the things to stores in a timely manner. They have so much to deal with. Deadlines. Miss it and you get money taken away from your final payment for the load. Paperwork out the wazoo, speed traps, maintenance issues, loads not ready for pick up or no one to receive the load they have.



The life of a truck driver may seem fun at first. Seeing the country, one state at a time. But it also means being away for long periods of time. Today we salute the truck drivers and what they do for us.

Here are the Truck Drivers song lined up for today:

  • Highway Patrol / Junior Brown
  • Convoy / C.W. McCall
  • Detroit City / Bobby Bare
  • Phantom 309 / Red Sovine
  • Girl On The Billboard / Del Reeves
  • Six Days On The Road / Dave Dudley
  • Teddy Bear / Red Sovine
  • Truck Drivin Son Of  A Gun / Dave Dudley
  • Eighteen Wheels / Kathy Mattea
  • Drivin' My Life Away / Eddie Rabbit
  • Roll On 18 Wheeler / Alabama
  • East Bound And Down / Jerry Reed