Driving around can make your mind wander ninety to nothing.  Today was no exception to the rule for me.  I had a photo shoot this morning for staff pictures.  7:15 is too early.  And it was cold!  Now I know why models get paid the big bucks.

Speaking of models, I was surprised to read that Hawaiian Tropic has decided to end it's long standing Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest.  That means that a bunch of Spring Breaks are going to fizzle out.  That's right, no more oiled up fitness models in neon string bikinis competing for the title on beaches across the world.

By now it is lunch and I started off and I thought back to the FFA dinner and auction of last night.  Great meal and good job on the products made by the Ag class at Duncan High School.  When it was all said and done, the auction netted over $9,200.

So naturally thinking of food I decided since I have been eating chicken all week I should try something different for today.  Not for sure what to do, I went exactly to where my brain said to go - yes different.  Someplace that sells chicken.  But I did get onion rings in the process.

Looks like my golf days are over.  Was shocked to see that the old Putt Putt golfing course has been torn down.  Where am I going to find a clown's mouth or a windmill now?

No complaints here.  I filled up the Miller motor machine for under $60.  Yep. $3.17 a gallon. (Sam's Club)   I wonder if it can get squeezed down to under $3.00 or even $2.95 before the start of Summer.   That would be nice.

Let me go back to my lunch for a moment.  Onion Rings.  I am going on a quest and soon.  I want to see who has the best Onion Rings in  Lawton.  I will get back to you on that after Cinco de Mayo.  I figure by then I can spend a long lunch break consuming copious amounts of the golden fried treats.

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday and I am looking forward to spending the rest of the afternoon on your radio!