Today we look a just  some light snacks or "finger foods" that you might have at your Super Bowl party.  There can be enough variety that everyone will find something that they like.  Start off with a Cheese and Cracker tray.  You can use 6 - 8 different types of crackers and line them up on their own tray.  Hint - don't just put a box out like a free for all.

You may also want to have a variety of cheeses'  on the tray, either sliced in triangles or cubed for use with the crackers.  If you are going the cubed route, make sure you have toothpicks close by so people can get what they want at ease.

A vegetable tray will also be a big hit for those who do not want to eat heavy during the game.  Make sure you get a wide variety and not just the standard trey you can get at the market or the big box store.  Ensure you have plenty for refill.  That includes the dip as well that goes with the veggies.    You may also consider a couple of different types of dressings / dips since everyone may not like the traditional Ranch that goes with the veggie tray.

Tuesday, we will explore the mini sandwich and the pig - in - the - blanket.