This past weekend was super busy.  I mean really busy.  It started at Central Mall for Santa's Workshop.  Hundreds of kids participated in making all kinds of cool things for Christmas.  Molly and Kaleb helped out this year.  It was a first for them  Kaleb was assisting with coloring ornaments.  He learned real quick on how to answer questions from 3 and 4 year old kids!

Molly, well she had an easier job.  She was assigned to cookie duty.  Helping kids prep cookies to decorate or just to eat.  Unfortunately, there was a nemesis taking her product.  (Thanks Libby for assisting me!)

No time to rest though.  Off to the first of two parades.  We joined up in the Duncan parade.  We were assigned to drive right in front of the man of the hour 'Santa Claus" with the perfect blend of Christmas music out of the KLAW Truck.

I did have some help tossing candy to a couple of thousand people that lined to approximate 2 mile parade route.  If it were not for my helpers, I probably would have eaten way too much candy!

The afternoon parade was fun.  But I noticed that while we were still awaiting our turn to lead St Nick through the streets of Duncan, there were several participants of the parade that were finished.  Oh boy. How long are we going to have to wait?  I am anxious to lead Santa through town. We finally moved and I started seeing people young and old getting the biggest smiles on their faces.  I thought this is cool!  They were excited about the music and it had people clapping and dancing.  Then reality sat in...They were all excited to see the man behind me.  He had more of a captive audience  than I could ever muster up!  That is alright by me.  On this day I did not mind playing second fiddle.

After the Duncan parade, we turned to the South and headed to the town of Comanche for their evening Christmas Lights Parade.  The lighted fire truck was just one of over 150 entries, most of them were rolling lawn decorations.  As the parade started down the road from the starting point, we all came to a halt while the town shot off fireworks to herald the parade and the ultimate arrival of Santa Claus.

Busy day?  Yes.  Being a part of a hat trick of activities in 2 separate counties and 3 cities was worth it.  Seeing the smiles on thousands of people in about 12 hours.  Priceless.  Hope your weekend was as enjoyable.

Merry Christmas.